DMV Road Signs | Learner's Permit Test Traffic Symbols with Meaning for US Driving Licence Exam - 2022

DMV Driving Licence Test Road Signs - List of important USA Learner's permit Exam Traffic Symbols Chart - Regulatory, Permissive Parking, No Parking, Schools, Warning, Guide, Hospital, Library, Airport, Non-compliant to MUTCD, Superseded.

DMV Learner's Permit Exam: Important Links for US Drivign licence Test - Oct, 2022

DMV Road Signs Practice Test

Road signs in the United States | Road Traffic Symbols with Meaning for DMV Exam

Knowing traffic rules in the United States reduces the number of accidents by ensuring discipline of the roads. US Road Signs ensures smooth traffic as it informs the driver/learner about the correct lanes to drive in. To successfully pass the learner's permit written test, it becomes crucial to know the meaning of various Road Traffic Symbols as DMV Exam consists of many questions related to US Road Signs.

Regulatory Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

R1 Series: Stop and Yield

Road Sign Meaning
R1-1: Stop
R1-2: Yield
R1-2aP: To Oncoming Traffic (plaque)
R1-2bTP: To Ramp (Texas)
R1-2cTP: To Train (Texas)
R1-3P: All Way (Plaque)
R1-5: Yield Here to Peds
R1-5a: Yield Here to Pedestrians
R1-5b: Stop Here for Peds
R1-5c: Stop Here for Pedestrians
R1-6: In-Street Ped Crossing (The legend STATE LAW is optional. A fluorescent yellow-green color may
R1-6a: In-Street Ped Crossing (The legend STATE LAW is optional. A fluorescent yellow-green color may
DC law stop for pedestrians in crosswalk, Washington, D.C.
State law stop for pedestrians in crosswalk, Maryland
R1-6b: In-Street School Crossing
R1-6c: In-Street School Crossing
R1-7:Wait On Stop
R1-8: Go On Slow
R1-9: Overhead Ped Crossing (The legend STATE LAW is optional. A fluorescent yellow-green color may
R1-9a: Overhead Ped Crossing (The legend STATE LAW is optional. A fluorescent yellow-green color may
R1-10P: Except Right Turn

R2 Series: Speed Limit

Road Sign Meaning
R2-1: Speed Limit
R2-1: Speed Limit (Metric)
R2-2P: Truck Speed Limit (Plaque)
R2-2P: Truck Speed Limit (Plaque) (Metric)
R2-3P: Night Speed Limit (Plaque)
R2-3P: Night Speed Limit (Plaque) (Metric)
R2-4P: Minimum Speed Limit (Plaque)
R2-4P: Minimum Speed Limit (Plaque) (Metric)
R2-4a: Combined Speed Limit
R2-5P: Unless Otherwise Posted (plaque)
State speed limit: New York (can also read "area", "city", "town", or "village")
Speed (Oregon variant)
End speed limit
Bridge speed limit: Minnesota
$XX Fine
Begin higher/double fines
End double/higher fines

R3 Series: Lane Usage and Turns

Road Sign Meaning
No Right Turn
No Left Turn
No Turns
No U-turn
Left turn only
Right turn only
Straight ahead only
Left Lane
Center Lane
Right Lane
Bus Lane
Option sign for Left turn or Straight
Option sign for Right turn or Straight
Left lane MUST turn left
Right lane MUST turn right sign
Advanced Intersection control sign
Turn only lanes
Advanced Intersection Lane control sign
Concurrent (Center) Left Turn Lane (overhead)
Concurrent (Center) Left Turn Lane (ground)
Reversible Lane control
Center lane control (Time)
HOV 2+ only 2 or more persons per vehicle
HOV 2+ only (Time)
24HR HOV 2+
HOV Lane ends
HOV (Overhead)
Bike lane
No Left or U-turn
No straight through
No Left Turn Across Tracks
No U-turn - left turn on green arrow,California
Bike lane, bikes only, New York City

R4 Series: Regulation of Movement

Road Sign Meaning
Passing zone ends
Passing zone begins
Left turn signal
Slower traffic keep right
Begin right turn lane yield to bikes
Trucks use right Lane
Truck lane 500 Feet
Keep right
Keep right
Keep right
Keep right (median island less than 4 feet wide)
Keep left
Keep left
Keep left
Keep left (median island less than 4 feet wide)
Stay in lane
Runaway vehicles only
Cyclists may use full lane
Slow vehicles with 5 or more following vehicles must use turn-out

R5 Series: Exclusionary

Road Sign Meaning
Do Not Enter (since 1971)
No Entre, Puerto Rico
Wrong Way
Bicycle Wrong Way
Bike Path, No Automobiles,New York City
No Large Trucks
No Motorized Vehicles
No Commercial Vehicles
No Lugged Vehicles
No Bicycles
No Nonmotorized Traffic
No Motorcycles
No Pedestrian Crossing, Bicycles, or Motorcycles
No Pedestrians or Bicycles
No Pedestrians
No Unauthorized Vehicles

R6 Series: One Way and Divided Highway

Road Sign Meaning
One Way
Transito (one way), Puerto Rico
One Way, alternate
Divided Highway crossing
Divided Highway crossing T intersection
Chevron roundabout directional

R7 Series: Parking

Permissive Parking Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

Road Sign Meaning
Parking with time restrictions
Parking with time restrictions, California
Parking with time restrictions, New York City
Parking with time and permit restrictions, Seattle
Parking with time and permit restrictions, San Francisco
2 hour parking all roads Town of Hempstead, New York State
Parking with time restrictions, Maryland
Parking fee station

No Parking Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022


Road Sign Meaning
No parking
No parking; Loading zone
No Parking; Except Sundays
No parking, California
No parking,New York
No parking
Road Sign Meaning
No parking with restrictions and localized, New York City
Don't even think of parking here, New York City
No parking tow zone, Chicago
No Parking in fire lane
No parking bus stop
Tow Away Zone
No parking from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
No parking from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (alternative)

No Standing

Road Sign Meaning
No standing any time
No standing any time, New York State
No standing any time, New York City
No standing cars towed away, Baltimore
No standing bus stop, Philadelphia
No standing, bus stop with bus route, New York City
No standing with time restrictions, Washington, D.C.
No standing with time restrictions, New York City

No Stopping

Road Sign Meaning
No stopping on pavement
No stopping any time, New York State
No stopping any time, New York City
No stopping any time, Philadelphia
No stopping any time, California
No stopping anytime tow away, San Francisco
No stops tow away zone, Seattle
No stopping with time restrictions, New York State
No standing except delivery trucks time restricted, New York City

R8 Series: Parking and Emergency Restrictions

Road Sign Meaning
No parking on pavement
No parking
Exception of Sundays and holidays
On tracks plaque
Except on shoulder plaque
Loading zone
Stop here on red
Stop here when flashing

R9 Series: Bicycles and Pedestrians

Road Sign Meaning
Walk on left facing traffic
Cross only at cross walks
No pedestrian crossing
No rollerblading
No hitch hiking
Crosswalk signal instructions
Bicycles left pedestrians right
State law stop for stopped school bus, New York
Sidewalk Closed Use Other Side
No horseback riding

R10 Series: Traffic Signal


Road Sign Meaning
Turning vehicles yield to pedestrians
Left turn yield on green
Traffic signal photo enforced
Road Sign Meaning
Traffic signal photo enforced

California, Louisiana,Texas, Florida

Road Sign Meaning
Red light photo violation fine sign, California
Emergency signal
Stop here on red, Pennsylvania, Florida
No turn on red arrow, Maryland
Bicycles to request green wait on line
Left turn yield on flashing yellow arrow, version 1
Left turn yield on flashing arrow, version 2

R11 Series: Road Closed

Road Sign Meaning
Road Closed
Road Closed Ahead
Bridge Out Ahead

R12 Series: Weight Limits

Road Sign Meaning
Weight Limit
Axle Weight Limit
Truck Weight Limit
Weight Limit with per axle and gross
Weight Limit with truck symbols

R13 Series: Weigh Stations

Road Sign Meaning
Weigh station sign
Weigh station next right sign
Weigh station sign with right exit arrow

R14 Series: Truck Routes

Road Sign Meaning
Truck Route sign
Hazardous Material Route
Hazardous Material Prohibited
National Network Route
National Network Prohibited

R15 Series: Rail and Light Rail

Road Sign Meaning
Railroad crossing (
Three tracks
This railroad stop is exempt from the horn blowing
Light rail only in right lane
Light rail only in left lane
Light rail only in center lane
Do not pass stopped trains
Do not drive on tracks
Divided highway transit rail crossing
Look both ways at track

R16 Series: Seat Belts and Headlight Use

Road Sign Meaning
Wear seat belt
Lights on when raining
Check headlights
Turn on headlights
Fender bender

Other Local and State Series

Road Sign Meaning
Obey warning signs state law, Texas
Don't block the box,New York City
Speed enforced by aircraft sign, California, New Hampshire, Virginia

Schools Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

Road Sign Meaning
School advance (also used for pedestrian crosswalk near schools) since 1998
Stop when children in crosswalk (Arizona)
Time of Day (plaque)
When Children are present (plaque)
School (plaque)
When Flashing (plaque)
School speed limit ahead
School Speed zone ahead (word legend)
School zone speed limit sign, Arizona
Day(s) of the week (plaque)
All year (plaque)
School speed limit when flashing
End school zone (usually under an R2 speed limit sign)
School bus stop ahead (since 2009)
School bus turn ahead
School bus turn ahead sign, Ohio

Warning Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

W1/2 Series: Turns, Curves, Intersections

Road Sign Meaning
Road Sign Meaning
Sharp Turn
Reverse turn
Reverse curve
Winding road
One direction large arrow
Two direction large arrow
Chevron alignment
Horizontal alignment/intersection
Hairpin curve
Truck rollover warning
270 degree loopIntersections
Cross roads
Side road at a perpendicular angle
Side road at an acute angle
T roads
Y roads
Offset roads
Double side roads
Traffic circle, alternate

W3 Series: Advance Traffic Control

Road Sign Meaning
Stop ahead (since 1978)
Yield ahead (since 1978)
Speed limit ahead
Signal ahead (since 1971)
HAWK beacon ahead, Delaware.
New signal ahead, Michigan
Be prepared to stop
Speed zone ahead
Draw bridge ahead
Ramp meter ahead
Ramp metered when flashing
Traffic lights with

W4 Series: Lanes and Merges

Road Sign Meaning
Lane ends
Lane drop ahead, Massachusetts
Added lane (via merge)
Oncoming traffic does not stop (plaque)
cross traffic does not stop (plaque)
Merging traffic
Added lane (from entering roadway)
Thru traffic merge left, California
One lane road or road narrows, New York State
Single lane, New York State

W5 Series: Road Width Restrictions

Road Sign Meaning
Road Narrows
One lane bridge
Ramp Narrows
Path Narrows
Narrow winding road, Forest Service USDA
Bikeway narrows

W6/7 Series: Divided Highways and Hills

Road Sign Meaning
Divided highway (since 1971)
Divided highway ends (since 1971)
Two-way traffic
Pass road
Steep grade/hill
Steep grade/hill percentage
Use low gear (plaque)
Trucks use lower gear (plaque)
X% grade (plaque)
Next (distance) miles (plaque)
X% grade (distance) miles (plaque)
Runaway truck ramp (advance)
Runaway truck ramp (exit)
Truck escape ramp
sand (plaque)
gravel (plaque)
paved (plaque)
Hill (bicycle)
Hill blocks view
Steep grade percentage sign, Idaho
Watch downhill speed, California

W8 Series: Pavement and Roadway Conditions

Road Sign Meaning
Rough road

Minnesota andNorth Dakota

Road Sign Meaning
Rumble strips, New York State
Pavement ends (since 1948)
Soft shoulder
Road slippery when wet
Loose gravel
Rough road
Bike lane slippery when wet
Uneven lanes
No center line
Bridge may be slippery, Pennsylvania
Grooved pavement
Metal bridge deck
No shoulder
Shoulder endsRocks and Mud
Fallen rocks
Falling rocks, California and Vermont
Fallen rock, New York State and Kentucky
Falling rocks, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and New Hampshire
Falling rock, Colorado,North Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Missouri, and Pennsylvania
Watch for rock, Idaho
Rock slide area, California
Slides, New York State
Slide area, CaliforniaWind, Fog, and Storms
Gusty Winds Area
Crosswinds, New York State
Dangerous crosswinds, New Mexico
High cross winds, Pennsylvania
Frequent high winds, Idaho
Gusty winds, Wisconsin
Fog area
Occasional blinding dust storms sign, Idaho
Severe storm area, IdahoIce and Frost
Bridge ices before road
Bridge may be icy, Michigan
Watch for ice on bridges, Indiana and Texas (as Watch for ice on bridge)
Watch for ice, Pennsylvania
May be icy, Nebraska
Icy, California
Frost heaves, IdahoFlooding and Water Conditions
Road may flood
Flooded, California
Subject to flooding, California
Roadway subject to flooding, Pennsylvania
Road floods during high tide, Hawaii
High water, Indiana
Water on road, Delaware and Missouri
When flooded turn around don't drown, California and Texas

W9/10 Series: Lane Transitions and Railroad Crossings

Road Sign Meaning
Lane ends (shorthand)
Merging traffic (through street)
Railroad Crossing ahead
Do not stop on tracks
Stop Here When Flashing
Railroad intersection warning
Skewed railroad crossing
Light rail crossing, California
Light rail crossing, Look both ways, California
Low ground clearance railroad crossing
Warning, Look both ways, Nebraska
Trains may exceed 80 mph
Cyclists Dismount To Cross Railroad Tracks,Hemet, California
No train horn warning

W11 Series: Advance Warnings and Crossings

Emergency Vehicles

Road Sign Meaning
Fire station
Fire trucks entering when signal flashes, Wisconsin
Emergency vehicles, Delaware and Vermont
Texas emergency vehicle sign


Road Sign Meaning
Children at play, New York State
Deaf child area, New York State, Illinois, Wisconsin, New Jersey
Deaf child, Delaware, Maryland
Hearing impaired child, Pennsylvania
Deaf children near, California
Blind child area, New York State
Blind child, Delaware
Autistic child, Delaware, New Jersey


Road Sign Meaning
Bicycles (a fluorescent yellow-green background may be used with this sign)
Bicycles and pedestrians (a fluorescent yellow-green background may be used with this sign)
Share the road, New York City
Share the road, Pennsylvania
Watch for bikes, Maryland
Share the road, Maryland
Bicycle May Use Full Lane on the roadway, San Francisco


Road Sign Meaning
Tractor/farm vehicle crossing
Alternative Tractor/farm vehicle crossing sign (MUTCD)
Motorcycle crossing, New York State
ATV crossing, New York State
Golf cart crossing
Horse-drawn vehicle ahead
Horse-drawn vehicle ahead,Ohio and other U.S. states
Tank crossing, Pennsylvania
Truck crossing
Truck Crossing
Watch for stopped trucks,Illinois
Snowmobile sign (MUTCD)

Pedestrians, Transit, and Aviation

Road Sign Meaning
Pedestrian crossing (a fluorescent yellow-green background may be used with this sign)
Blind pedestrian crossing, Pennsylvania
Ferry crossing, Missouri
Balloon launch area, Pennsylvania
Low flying planes, New York State and Massachusetts
Low flying aircraft, Delaware
Low flying airplanes cross here, Wisconsin


Road Sign Meaning
Deer crossing
Cattle crossing
Bear crossing
Sheep crossing
Ram crossing
Donkey crossing
Elk crossing
Moose crossing
Wild horse crossing

Driveways and Entrances

Road Sign Meaning
Hidden driveway
Truck entrance, Delaware and Texas
Plant entrance, Delaware
Theatre exit, Wisconsin
Hidden intersection, Delaware
Hidden Drive Left (Vermont)
Hidden Drive Right (Vermont)

W12 Series: Low Clearances

Road Sign Meaning
Low clearance
Metric low clearance

W13 Series: Advisory Speeds

Road Sign Meaning
Speed advisory
Speed advisory, metric
Exit speed advisory
Turn curve exit speed advisory, Maryland
Ramp speed advisory
Ramp speed advisory

W14 Series: Dead End Streets and No Passing Zones

Road Sign Meaning
Not a through street, Florida, California
Loop street, Pennsylvania
No thru street, Pennsylvania, Texas
No Outlet
Dead End
Dead End, New York City
End, New York City
Road ends, Michigan, Missouri and Texas
No Passing Zone (Only placed on the left-hand side of roads)
Unsafe to pass (Vermont)
Zona De No Pasar (No Passing Zone), Puerto Rico

W15 Series: Playgrounds

Road Sign Meaning
Playground (a fluorescent yellow-green background color may be used for this sign)

W16 Series: Supplemental Plaques

Road Sign Meaning
Steep hill, Delaware
Fire house (used in conjunction with graphic fire station sign), New York State
500 feet
500 feet (alternative)
X miles
X miles (alternative)
Next 500 feet
Advance street name
Advance street name (alternative)
Ahead (plaque)
Photo enforced
Photo enforced (symbol)
HOV (plaque)
HOV (plaque)
When flashing
New (plaque)
Roundabout (used in conjunction with graphic roundabout sign)
Notice (plaque)

W17 Series: Speed Humps

Road Sign Meaning
Speed Hump

W18 Series: No Traffic Signs

Road Sign Meaning
No Traffic Signs

W19 Series: End of Controlled Access Highway

Road Sign Meaning
Freeway Ends, 1 Mile
Expressway Ends, 1 Mile
Freeway Ends
Expressway Ends
All traffic must exit

W20 Series: Work Zones

Road Sign Meaning
Road Work Next 5 Miles
Road Work Ends
Work Zone for Speed limit
Road work ahead
Road Closed Ahead
Road is closed 1000 ft. ahead
End Detour
End(If a road work blocked road)

W20 Series: Road Ends

Road Sign Meaning
Road Closed
Road Closed to Thru Traffic

W21 Series: Road Work

Road Sign Meaning
Flaggers in road ahead
Be prepared to stop
Workers in road ahead
Fresh oil on road
Utility work in road

W22 Series: Blasting Zones

Road Sign Meaning
Blasting zone ahead
Turn off 2-way radios and cell phones
End blasting zone

W23 Series: Slow Traffic

Road Sign Meaning
Slow traffic ahead
New traffic pattern ahead

W24 Series: Lane Shifts

Road Sign Meaning
Single Lane Shift Pair
Traffic shift right
Traffic shift left
Double Lane Shift Pair
Triple Lane Shift Pair
All lanes

W25 Series: Oncoming Traffic Has Extended Green

Road Sign Meaning
Extended green
Possible extended Green

Incident Management

Road Sign Meaning
Flagger Present
Workers on Road
Single Lane Shift Left
Be Prepared to Stop
Detour (Right)


Road Sign Meaning
Restricted weight bridge, New York State
Underpass, New York State

Guide Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

Interchange signs

Road Sign Meaning
Interchange advance guide, New Jersey
Interchange Guide sign, Maryland
Interchange advance guide, New York State
Interchange advance guide, Hawaii
Interchange advance guide, CaliforniaInterchange Exit Direction Signs
Interchange exit direction
Interchange exit direction, Maryland
Interchange exit direction, Virginia
Interchange exit direction, New York State
Exit number sign, right
Exit sign, right
Exit number sign with speed advisory
Mileage signs for highway routes, ColoradoToll Road Signs
Toll road pass only
Toll road pass or HOV 2+
Toll costs at intersections or HOV 2+Logo service and Rest Area signs
Specific service signs for food, gas, lodging, etc.
Rest area

Shield markers

Road Sign Meaning
Single-digit interstate route shield
Two-digit interstate route shield
Three-digit interstate route shield
Single-digit interstate route shield, California
Three-digit interstate route shield, California
Four-digit interstate route shield, Hawaii
Off-Interstate Business Loop Route shield
Off-Interstate Business Spur route shield
Single-digit U.S. route shield
Two-digit U.S. route shield
Three-digit U.S. route shield
Single-digit state route shield
Two-digit state route shield
Three-digit state route shield
Michigan State Trunkline single-digit shield
Michigan State Trunkline double-digit shield
Michigan State Trunkline triple-digit shield
Two-digit state highway shield,Oklahoma
Three-digit state highway shield, Oklahoma
Two-digit state route shield, South Carolina
Three-digit state highway shield,South Carolina
Single-digit U.S. route shield, California
Two-digit U.S. route shield, California
Three-digit U.S. route shield, California
Historic Route, U.S. Highway shield, California
Two-digit state route shield, Alabama
Three-digit state route shield, Alabama
Single-digit state highway shield, Arkansas
Two-digit state highway shield, Arkansas
Three-digit state highway shield, Arkansas
Four-digit state highway shield, Arkansas
Primary route sign, Tennessee
Secondary route sign, Tennessee
Three-digit state highway shield uses akeystone, Pennsylvania
Single-digit state route shield,New York
Two-digit state route shield, New York
Three-digit state route shield, New York
Four-digit state route shield, New York
Reference route marker, New York
Two-digit state route shield, Ohio
Three-digit state route shield, Ohio
One-digit state route shield, California
Two-digit state route shield, California
Three-digit state route shield, California
Two-digit state route shield, Georgia
Three-digit state route shield, Georgia
Three-digit state route with toll shield, Florida
Single-digit state highway shield, Florida
Two-digit state highway shield, Florida
Three-digit state highway shield, Florida
Four-digit state route shield, Florida
Two-digit county route shield
Three-digit county route, shield New Jersey
Farm-to-market road shield, Texas
Missouri supplemental route shield
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel shield
Queens-Midtown Tunnel shield
New Jersey Turnpike shield
Garden State Parkway Shield
Atlantic City Expressway shield
Pennsylvania Turnpike shield
Ohio Turnpike shield
Dallas North Tollway shield
Eisenhower Interstate System sign
Palisades Interstate Parkway shield
New York State Thruway shieldStreet Name Signs
Street name sign, MUTCD D-3
Street name sign, MUTCD D-3
NYC Broadway street name sign
NYC street name sign
NYC Midtown Manhattan street name sign
NYC historic district street name sign
Chicago street name sign
Boston street name sign
Washington, D.C. street name sign
Philadelphia street name sign
Hoboken street name sign
Los Angeles street name sign
Minneapolis east–west street name sign
Minneapolis north–south street name sign
Minneapolis arterial street name sign (Snow Emergency route)

Toll Road Signs

Road Sign Meaning
MUTCD Conventional Toll Plaza advance sign
MUTCD Conventional Toll Plaza advance sign
New Jersey Turnpike E-ZPass toll booth sign
Pay toll

Hospital Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

Road Sign Meaning
Hospital sign
Trauma center

Library Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

Road Sign Meaning
Library sign

Airport Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

Road Sign Meaning
Airport sign

Non-compliant to MUTCD Signs Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

Road Sign Meaning
The now-defunct, non-standard US 20 west sign, Main St. after Lexington St., Waltham Center,Massachusetts
Standard US 20 west sign
No parking sign with permissive parking green color, Glenside, Pennsylvania
Standard no parking sign
Greene County Route 16 sign in Catskill/Adirondack colors, Hunter, New York
Standard Greene County Route 16 sign
Blue stop sign seen on private property in Hawaii
Standard stop sign

Superseded signs Signs for DMV Learner’s Permit Test - Oct, 2022

Road Sign Meaning
School (1948-1971)
School advance (1971-2009)
School (Plaque)
School crossing (1961-1971)
School bus stop ahead (1971-2009)
School bus stop ahead (1998-2009)
School Speed Limit
All Year (Plaque)
Stop ahead (1948-2009)
Yield ahead (1948-2009)
Signal Ahead (1961-2009)
Merging traffic (1961-1971)
Slippery when wet (1948-1971)
Curve speed advisory, replaced by MUTCD W13-1
Stop, prior to 1954
Yield, prior to 1954
Yield (1954-1961)
Yield (1961-1971)
R1-3: 3-Way Plate
R1-3: 4-Way Plate
Do Not Enter (1948-1971)
Narrow bridge (1978-2003)
Divided highway (1948-2009)
Divided road (1948-2009)
Divided highway ends (1948-2009)
Pavement ends (1978-2000)
Slippery when wet, as of 1978
Railroad Crossing advance warning sign, in use through the 1950s

State-wise US Road Signs for Driving Licence Test - Oct, 2022